My Productivity Secret Weapon

So I’m in school again, and I happen to be taking a lot of humanities courses this semester. Not really want I want at all, but hey its what I need to graduate. Having these sorts of classes means that there are lots of reading assignments to go along with them. I don’t know about you, but I have a hard time paying attention through long, dry readings especially in a class I couldn’t care less about.

However, during the last few days, I’ve discovered something useful that allows me to spend time I would otherwise be idle to complete (or at least get a crack at) these readings. The answer is:


Now let me explain. I live in an apartment, and to get to my campus I ride on a bus about 25 minutes each way. I also spend time waiting for the bus to arrive when I’m both coming and going. During this time, it’s easy to pull out an article or book and start on the readings. I’m not doing anything else, only waiting, and there are no distractions or other things I could be doing really, besides just waiting. Now this may sound like obvious advice, and it probably is, but reading while waiting on the bus and while riding the bus can add up to an hour of reading time per day that I didn’t have before.

So if you commute via public transportation, definitely make use of your time to do some things you’ve been putting off before. I find it a lot harder to procrastinate on a bus than lounging around in my bedroom, so it works. And I don’t know about you, but I really like that.


One comment on “My Productivity Secret Weapon

  1. I do this too! Only when desperate though because of a lack of mental focus at the times I catch buses, either about 20 minutes after I wake up, or after a 10hr day which makes me tired.

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