How I learned Python

So this summer I finally learned Python. It was something I’ve been meaning to do for a while, and I’ve done a few simple programs (see here) but still didn’t really “get” it. Two things about how I learned the basics of Python and made them stick:

1) Code every day. And I do mean every day. It doesn’t matter if its just a few minutes of work, the repeated exposure helps the learning process go along soooo much smoother.

2) I used the Python track on Codecademy . They have interactive exercises and achievements you can earn for completing different courses. They started out teaching Javascript, and have since expanded into teaching HTML/CSS. The Python track is currently in beta (although I had only a few minor, if any, bugs), and they’re preparing a Ruby track as well. The site also implements a feature called “streaks” where it shows how many days in a row you’ve coded. I even got my family in on it, and they would ask me every day, “Hey Allison have you done your streak yet?”

The combination of the simple exercises coupled with coming back every day really helped me get the concepts into my head. Finally! Expect some fun Python things to come about in the future.


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