SEDEX: Self-Directed Projects As A Means of Innovation and Progress

At my school we have this event called SEDEX (Software Engineering and Development Extreme), where students get together for a night of programming funtimes. The goal is to create a project that can be demoed the next day, and it is meant to get students interested in programming again after having to do so many assigned projects. It’s really just a chance for people to spend time doing something they enjoy doing, and participating in a collaborative work environment. The concept reminds me of hackerspaces. Unfortunately there’s not a hackerspace in the area, so these events are my way to do something similar.

Tonight I’m going to be working on a Arduino-driven Binary Clock as shown here:

And I’m going to be working on my Python-based “poemgen” program as described previously on this blog.

Stay tuned for updates…

EDIT: 12:16 AM. Got LEDs and resistors set up in the proper pattern but the lights aren’t lighting. Currently digging through code. Getting pizza soon. Met some really cool people here.

EDIT: 12:40 AM. Upset at codes. That seems to be the consensus at the moment. Ordering pizza.

EDIT: 2:18 AM. Finally figured out my Arduino issues. Wiring is sort of difficult 😦 Pizza consumed, and I had the “grad school talk” with two grad students and a professor. Good information to be had. Going to figure out this clock soon!

EDIT: 4:08 AM. Frustrated. Everything works fine but I can’t get it to pull the current time. Without that, I don’t have much of a clock.

EDIT: 5:00 AM. Arrived back at apartment. Manually setting the time on the clock for now. Perhaps dynamic time updates will come in the future.
EDIT: 1:23 PM. Showed my coworkers the clock, they thought it was the coolest thing ever. I explained the concept of SEDEX and they’ve told me they’re going to try to talk their respective departments into implementing something similar. Heck yeah open education!

A preliminary picture is posted here: Currently displaying 00:01


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