Holiday Maths Puzzle #1

That time of year is upon us once again, and what better way to celebrate than by doing a few holiday-themed puzzles?

#1:  You brought home the perfect tree to decorate; however, it can only hold 10kg of decorations before the branches start to sag and it falls over. In addition, you can’t have too many items on the tree, there’s only so much space. Because of this, you only can hang 25 decorations of any kind at one time. These are the decorations you have available:

Type of Decoration Weight (each) Coverage (% of tree covered, each)
Tinsel (limit 1) 1kg 7%
Plastic Ornaments 0.1kg 1%
Glass Ornaments 0.4kg 5%
Angel Topper (limit 1) 2kg 10%
Popcorn String (limit 1) 0.75kg 6%
Icicle Hangers 0.25kg 3%
Lights (limit 1) 2.5kg 20%

We want to get the most covered tree we can without going over the weight limit. What is the lightest and most covered tree combination you can find?


2 comments on “Holiday Maths Puzzle #1

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