About me

Hi! I’m Al, and I’m a software and data engineer. I have a lot of passions ranging from writing to programming to solving silly little puzzles, so I started this blog to share some things that I work on and find interesting. I hope you will like them as well.


Computer Science

  • Artificial intelligence – specifically knowledge representation and strong AI (also known as artificial general intelligence or AGI).
  • Natural language processing – conversational systems and semantic analysis.
  • Theory of computation – complexity theory, genetic algorithms for solving NP-complete problems


  • Combinatorics – graph theory, Ramsey theory, combinatorics on words
  • Recreational mathematics – number patterns and sequences, prime numbers, Fibonacci numbers

You can find me on Twitter: @musegarden and Github: nelsonam


3 comments on “About me

  1. renz gianan says:

    hi im working in a same thesis can you help me please.. thanks

  2. renz says:

    Thanks it help me a lot especially the face library.

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